Lucas Lo Donates MOP3 Million to University of Saint Joseph





This donation will enable the University to achieve its aspiration of relocating the Library to the heart of our campus.

On the 20th of March, 2024, Mr. Lucas Lo, according to his late father’s will, Mr. Guilherme Lo, presented the gift donation of MOP3,000,000 to the University of Saint Joseph. The donation agreement was signed between Mr. Lucas Lo and the Rev’d Professor Stephen Morgan, Rector of USJ, and witnessed by Ms. Sharina Zhong, USJ Vice-Rectors Professor Keith Morrison and Dr. Teresa Loong, the Administrator Dr. Alejandro Salcedo, and the Library Director Ms. Emily Chan.

The Rev’d Professor Stephen Morgan, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Lo family’s long-standing support and this extraordinary gift in particular. This donation will enable the University to achieve its aspiration of relocating the Library to the heart of our campus. This will be a ‘transformational’ benefit to the University. 

Mr. Guilherme Lo was well known among the citizens of Macao. His engagement in education, youth development, health, social, religious, and other social causes, corroborate his belief that giving is contagious, that when we give, we do not only help the immediate recipient of our gift, we also spur a ripple effect of generosity through our community. His kindness and generosity were not only visible during his lifetime but also tangible in the legacy he has left behind, and bestowed so generously to the University.

His son, Mr. Lucas Lo, following his father’s steps, has become one of USJ main benefactors. The ‘Lucas Lo Scholarships for University of Saint Joseph’, aiming at helping local students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at USJ, and other substantial contributions to the growth and development of the University over the years have made him worthy to be the founding benefactor, recognized by the Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors of the University of Saint Joseph.

Thank you so much for the generous gift! It is donors like you who make our work possible.

(From left: Teresa Loong, Keith Morrison, Stephen Morgan, Lucas Lo, Sharina Zhong, Alejandro Salcedo, Emily Chan)