Experience Sharing for founding a nonprofit organization in Macau Seminar





Ms. Marjory Vendramini shared experience for founding a nonprofit organization in Macau Seminar

Ms. Marjory Vendramini, the founder of the Cradle of Hope conducted a Seminar on “Experience Sharing for founding a nonprofit organization in Macau” on March 16, 2016 in Nape 3 with around 60 students.  She shared the true story that inspired her to establish the Cradle of Hope that has been dedicating to the children without home and families. During the Seminar, she not only shared her experience in founding and managing the Cradle of Hope, the challenges she has been through in the past and present times, but also mentioned the support that she had received from the MSAR government and from the community and the things that the government and the community could do in order to support her important contribution to our society. At the end of the Seminar, she welcomes our students who want to volunteer in her organization. She also highlighted the importance of cooperation among government agencies, schools, families, communities to help the children to grow up healthy. Many students took the opportunity to ask questions about Ms. Marjory Vendramini and the Cradle of Hope to get a clear picture of non-profit organizations in Macau.