DLCRE/GEGCLEAR “Online Parent Seminar” introduces practical games for oral language development





The Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (DLCRE) partnership project – ‘GEG Chinese Literacy Education and Research Project’ (GEGCLEAR) – “Online Parent Seminar” introduced practical games to help young children develop oral language ability.

Are your kids talkative? Or are they pointing but not talking? Parents may worry about their young children’s oral language development. 

Over 200 parent-participants from six projects schools gathered to join the first online joint-schools parent seminar run by the USJ Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (DLCRE) partnership project “GEGCLEAR in the morning of 19 February 2022. This seminar focused on helping parents understand the major characteristics of young children’s (3-4 years old) language development and offering some guidance on parent-child oral language practices. 

Based on enhancing young children’s ability to express themselves using vocabularies, this seminar highlighted three aspects, namely, “enriching vocabularies”, “sentence building”, “linkage to reading”, and introduced a series of skills and games that parents and their children can play at home. The seminar was held mainly in an interactive mode despite the distance. Games and parent-child language practices were incorporated into the seminar. Children’s active participation and enjoyment of these games enhanced parents’ confidence in adopting these games in their homes.

DLCRE partnership project “GEGCLEAR” is funded by the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation. Currently six project schools participated in this project including: Macau Baptist College, Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima (Chinese Section), Escola Dom João Paulino, Lou Hau High School Affiliated Kindergarten, Fu Luen School and Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School (listed in no specific order).

Teacher training courses and parent seminars have been held in the past to offer support in language development to project schools, children, and parents.