DLCRE/GEGCLEAR "Online Parent Seminar" held successfully





Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (DLCRE) partnership project ‘GEG Chinese Literacy Education and Research Project’ (GEGCLEAR) Online Parent Seminar successfully held five seminars.

To enhance parents’ understandings of young children’s literacy learning needs and their skills in cultivating children’s language ability outside the classrooms, DLCRE partnership project ‘GEGCLEAR’ successfully held five online parent seminars in late November and early December, with a total of 209 parent-participants.

Three of the five parent seminars were held individually in three project schools in the mornings of 27th November (Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima, Chinese Section), 4th December (Macau Baptist College), and 11th December (Escola Dom João Paulino), respectively. Themed as to support parent-child joint reading skills, the seminar discussed the challenges faced by children in reading as well as introduced practical skills in parent-child joint reading.

Joint-schools parent seminars were first launched in the afternoons of 27th November and 4th December with parent-participants from six project schools, namely Macau Baptist College, Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima (Chinese Section), Escola Dom João Paulino, Lou Hau High School Affiliated Kindergarten, Fu Luen School and Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School (listed in no specific order). The seminars aimed at exploring the challenges faced by young children in ‘speaking’ and ‘writing’, and providing support and assistance to parents in order to enhance children’s oral and literacy skills. 

Online interactive games and mock sessions in the seminars highly motivated participants despite the distance. Post-seminar extended learning activities were offered for parents’ participation to encourage their application in practice and to enhance their children’s language development in speaking, reading and writing.

DLCRE partnership project ‘GEGCLEAR’ is funded by the Galaxy Entertainment Group to provide support in early literacy development to schools, children and parents. Teacher training courses and parent seminars have been held in the past.