3rd USJ Basic Law Competition




3rd USJ Basic Law Competition organised by USJSA was held on 28 April 2018

USJSA organized its 3rd USJ Basic Law competition within the university on 28th April 2018 and we had the honor to have Mr. Kou Chin Hung, Executive Director of the Associação de divulgação da Lei Básica de Macau be the judge of the competition.


The Champion: 學中之霸 Wong Chon Wek, Yuen Ka Hou
The 2nd runner-up: 學海無涯絕地求勝隊 Ho Lok I, U Kam Fong
The 3rd runner-up: 這陷阱隊 Cheong Ieng Ieng, Irene Chiang Wong

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