Workshop: African Fabrics



On 22 May 2019, USJ’s Faculty of Creative Industries will hold a Workshop with African Fabrics by Fashion Designer Patrícia Vasco

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As part of the celebrations of Africa Day, to be held on 25 May, Fashion Designer Patrícia Vasco (Maputo, Mozambique) will hold a workshop where she will demonstrate innovative techniques to create and upcycle garments with traditional African fabrics. Amorambique, her brand, was founded in 2013, meaning “love Mozambique”.

Initially only a collection to be presented at the Mozambique Fashion Week, it evolved into a bigger project. Emphasising the concept of social responsibility, Amorambique uses traditional African fabrics, like the “capulana”, to give new life to garments.


Born in Maputo, Mozambique, Patrícia’s passion for fashion started early in life as her mother, in addition to working at the Central Bank, did sewing work to make ends meet.

As her mother was always her biggest reference, Patrícia graduated in Banking Management and concluded a Master’s degree in Business Management. She worked in banking for five years and, in her last year, had the opportunity of working with credit analysis for SMEs, where she acquired enough experience to succeed in her latest role as business owner.

Because of her background in dance, in which she is also trained, she closely dealt with designers at the Mozambique Fashion Week, where the idea of creating a collection for children to be presented at the Mozambique Fashion Week Kids originated, with the intention of donating the garments after the show.

This activity is supported by: Associação Angola Macau; Associação de Amizade Macau – Cabo Verde; Associação dos Guineenses, Amigos e Naturais da Guiné-Bissau; Associação dos Amigos de Moçambique; Associação dos Sãotomenses e Amigos de São Tomé e Príncipe, Macau-China

For pictures of the event, please click here.