Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition



“Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition”, organised by the ISE/USJ, will be on the display from 8 – 26 May at the Kent Wong Exhibition Gallery.

Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition” is organized by the Institute of Science and Environment at the University of Saint Joseph (ISE/USJ), which aims to raise awareness about the need to protect our coastal ecosystems and oceans from plastic pollution. The theme of the exhibition is recycled art, highlighting the effects of plastic pollution on our oceans and coasts.

The exhibition will feature a variety of 3D art pieces, including sculptures of marine and coastal organisms, created mostly by students from schools and local artists. The artworks offer a range of interpretations of the plastic pollution in our oceans and coasts theme, conveying the artists’ feelings and ideas about plastic waste and sustainability topics related to plastics. All artworks have been exclusively created or composed from fully recycled or reused materials. Artists were encouraged to use various recycled or collected litter materials, from beach cleanups and other sources, with the main component being recycled plastics.

The exposition will also feature scientific display boards that provide essential information on the harmful effects of plastic pollution in the oceans. The posters detail potential solutions to mitigate the issue, emphasizing the use of mangroves as a nature-based method for trapping plastic waste.

Through this powerful showcase of how we can turn waste into art, the event aims to raise awareness about the critical need to protect our oceans and coasts, providing a unique opportunity to engage with this critical issue and hopefully inspire positive change.

This event is organized within the context of the project “Wetland ecosystems: a nature-based solution for coastal protection and plastic pollution entrapment in Macao”. For more information regarding the exhibition, please contact Prof. Karen Araño Tagulao – karentagulao@usj.edu.mo.


Opening Ceremony:

Date: Monday, 8 May, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Opening Hours:

Opening Times: 8 – 26 May, 2023
Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Venue: Kent Wong Exhibition Gallery – University of Saint Joseph, Ilha Verde Campus, Estrada Marginal da Ilha Verde, 14-17

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The Project Team:

  • Karen Arano Tagulao (PI, ISE/USJ)
  • Sara Cardoso (Co-PI, ISE/USJ)
  • Agata Dias (Team Member, ISE/USJ)
  • Thomas Lei (Team Member, ISE/USJ)
  • Saidu Bashir (Reasearch Assistant, ISE/USJ)
  • Yolanda Lau (Research Assistant, ISE/USJ)
  • Cristina Calheiros (Collaborator, CIIMAR/UCP)
  • José Teixeira (Collaborator, CIIMAR/UCP)

Featured Artist:

  • Tchusca Songo


  • Pedro Costa (Research Assistant, ISE/USJ)
  • Alex Lebel (Research Assistant, ISE/USJ)

Design 設計:

  • Filipa Martins de Abreu and Rui de Abreu
  • Edge River

Participating Schools/Organizations:

  • Lou Hau Middle School
  • Macao Anglican College
  • Sacred Heart Canossian College
  • Sta. Rosa English Secondary
  • The International School of Macao
  • Green Future

Sponsors and Collaborators:

  • Clean the world
  • Las Vegas Sands
  • Drop by Drop project