Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education To Open On 29 June 2019



Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education To Open On 29 June 2019: Opening to be Commemorated with Public Lectures on Education and Book Launch of “Perspectives on Inclusion”

The Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (DLCRE) will open its operational research work in 29 June 2019. The Centre named for Bishop Emeritus of Macao, Don Domingos Lam Ka Tseung (澳門林家駿主教) is sited at the University of Saint Joseph, Ilha Verde Campus, and housed in the School of Education.

The DLCRE aims to create a world-class research environment and community that attracts the best researchers to conduct multi-disciplinary practice-oriented research, engage on knowledge exchange, assist the Diocese of Macau to support the work of the Catholics schools and collaborate with other higher education, and research institutions to explore forward-looking and innovative approaches to education within the strands areas of: Inclusive Education; Catholic Education; Leadership and Management; Early Years; ICT in Education; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Education and Society; Education and Wellbeing.

The official opening will be officiated by the H.E. Bishop of Macao Lee Bun-sang, Stephen and the Rector of USJ, Professor Fr. Peter Stilwell. The event is marked with two important activities. The opening will start with a public lecture on education titled ‘Our Commitment to Catholic Education: Looking to the Future with Confidence’ addressed by two world-wide renown and prominent Professors in the field of Catholic Education, Prof. Keith Morrison, Vice-rector of USJ and Director of DLCRE and Rev. Professor Stephen Morgan, Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies at USJ. After the public lecture, there will be the launching of the book ‘Perspectives on Inclusion’ with Prof. Ana Correia, Dean of the School of Education at USJ and one of the authors as the presenter of the book.


In the rapidly changing times we live in, there is little room for complacency when it comes to Catholic Education. In line with the historical recognition of the contribution of Catholic schools, the need for schools of the ‘Catholic’ denomination and the teaching of Religious/Moral Education around the world is facing many challenges. Macao is no different. Since Catholicism first planted its roots in the Chinese territory in 1557 through the Bula Super Specula Militantis Ecclesiae, Catholic Education has grown, changed, adapted and been threatened.

The talks recall the empirical investigation of Catholic schooling in Macao and the essential of two documents in the field of education: Gravissimum Educationis and Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

The speakers will point out the challenges to which Catholic educational institutions are called to respond, with the development of their own specific mission. It will also engage the current issues of evidence-based education and the ‘what works’ agenda in educational research.

It is our hope that the issues that the speakers will raise should be of interest to a broad range of educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners alike and will guide us in our proposed endeavour to achieve our set goals.


Prof. Keith Morrison
Vice-rector of USJ and Director of DLCRE
Professor Keith Morrison has worked in higher educatio1n for over 35 years, formerly at the University of Durham, UK and, since 2000, in Macao, where he is the Vice-rector of USJ. He is the author of 17 academic books, including: Research Methods in Education and A Guide to Teaching Practice; Causation in Educational Research; Managing Complex Change in Schools; School Leadership and Complexity Theory; Management Theories for Educational Change, over 100 academic journal papers, over 50 international conference papers, chapters in 15 books, and 300 other educational publications.

He has conducted consultancies and produced reports, papers and technical reports for governments, companies, organisations and institutions in several countries and continents. He has been a reviewer for 25 international journals and for several leading international publishers, is on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Management in Education and Educational Sciences.

His recent work in higher education academic and administration fields has been in quality assurance, accreditation, educational development and training for higher education academic and administrative staff.

Prof. Rev. Stephen Morgan

Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies at USJ
2Professor Rev. Stephen Morgan was born in Wales in 1965. He holds a DPhil in Theology from the University of Oxford. He was Schools Outreach Officer for his college, St Benet’s Hall, Oxford, from 2012 to 2014, where he was Post-doctoral Research Associate in Theology from 2013 to 2016. After service in the Royal Navy and a career in finance in Hong Kong and the City of London, he was ordained Deacon in 2007.

As Oeconomus of the Diocese of Portsmouth from 2004 until 2018, he had oversight of the 77 Catholic schools located in the Diocese and served on boards of Governors and Directos of fourteen Catholic schools and academies.  He has been a member of the associate faculty of the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham since 2011, as Lecturer, Tutor and Graduate Supervisor in Catholic Theology on the institute’s various distance-learning programmes. He was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies at the University of Saint Joseph in September 2018, where he teaches various courses in Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology.


I3n an inclusive education system, educators engage with increasing their understanding of individual differences, especially in regard to learning, and develop and adjust learning and assessment tasks and contexts in ways that make them accessible and appropriate for all their students regardless of starting ability levels, interests, learning strengths and weakness. In inclusive schools, diverse approaches to learning are valued and all learners are challenged and supported to be successful in their learning goals.

Macao has begun the journey to develop and increasingly inclusive education system. This book has been written as the journey is beginning and explores some of the different perspectives towards inclusion and interpretation of “inclusive education” within the Macao’s education system and the wider community at this time. The main aims of the research presented in this book are to understand the different views and roles of staff in Macao schools and in the wider community. The book raises question about how inclusion in Macao might unfold and identifies areas where efforts may be needed to progress inclusive education. Donna Couzens

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