Public Lecture | The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): "A Theological Reading of Pope Benedict XVI's Letter to Catholic in China"



The Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy will hold a Public Lecture on The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022): “A Theological Reading of Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to Catholic in China” on 23 March 2023.


In 2007 Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to all Catholics in China. In this letter, the pope not only expressed his spiritual affection to Catholics and his esteem to Chinese people, but also reiterated the ecclesiological principles of Catholic tradition and Vatican II. Charity and truth are the two themes essential to our understanding of the whole letter. This lecture would revisit the pope’s letter from a theological perspective. We would look at the ecclesiological insights the letter offers in the light of the pope’s endeavor to seek both charity and truth.  


Dr. Thomas Cai (Ph.D, KU Leuven) teaches courses in dogmatic theology at USJ. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the idea of natura pura in Robert Bellarmine’s commentary on the Summa. Dr. Cai’s work is broadly engaged with the theology of Thomas Aquinas and the Thomistic school in the 16th and 17th centuries.


Date: Thursday, 23 March 2023
Time: 6:45 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. (GMT+8) 
Location: Library Conference Room, USJ Ilha Verde Campus

Organised by: Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy, University of Saint Joseph

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*Free event, open to the general public
*Sessions will be conducted in English