Public Lecture: From Prevention to Solutions: Discipline with Dignity



Public Lecture: From Prevention to Solutions: Discipline with Dignity by FPE on 24th June 2016



About the talk:

In the past teachers’ classroom management skills used to rely on individual teaching experience and intuition. During the 20th century many teachers viewed classroom management as maintaining classroom order and addressing students’ misbehaviour. However, research has shown that classroom management needs to be interwoven with instruction, and should be preventing rather than responding to misbehaviour. Teachers have better options than imposing rules and resorting to punishment and rewards to prevent off-task behaviour. Although teachers are responsible for providing an effective learning environment, not all means are equally appropriate to get students on track. Teachers should focus on teaching pro-social skills and self-discipline to students rather than repress “problematic” ones, which in fact hardly contributes to change behaviour.

The talk analyses the reasons for students’ misbehaviour at classroom and school level, stressing the role of teachers and schools on helping students to develop a pro-social behaviour throughout their lifetime. Are schools satisfying the psychological and social needs of students? Are teachers asking students to do relevant, appropriate, and reasonable tasks? Are all students treated with the same dignity that is conceded to teachers, staff, and school administrators?


About the speaker:

Ana Maria Cardoso Pires Correia is Associate Professor at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Education since 2014. Dr Correia teaches graduate and undergraduate students at the USJ, and has been involved in the creation of several educational programmes, such as the Bachelor of Education, the Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and the Master of Education. Some of the courses taught by her are Principles of Education, Classroom Management and Leadership, Research Methods in Education, and Psychology of Gender Roles.

Ana Correia has been involved in research focused on teachers’ visions, culturally responsive teaching, gender discrimination in education, educational leadership, and inclusive education. She has published a book, book chapters and several scientific papers in international journals. Dr Correia is currently working with a team of researchers on a funded research project seeking to understand the teachers’ beliefs and attitudes on inclusive education in Macao.