Public Lecture | At the Bottom of India Society. Women, Power and (Dis) empowerment. Methodologies in Social Sciences Approaches



On 17 October 2019, USJ’s Department of Portuguese Studies of Faculty of Humanities is organising a Public Lecture titled “At the Bottom of India Society. Women, Power and (Dis) empowerment. Methodologies in Social Sciences Approaches” by Prof. Rosa Maria Perez.

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The speaker will talk about the role of women in India and their social and ritual status within multiple patriarchies. The presentation will be grounded in her long-term research in the subcontinent as an anthropologist.


Rosa Maria Perez is a professor of the Department of Anthropology of ISCTE-IUL University of Lisbon Institute and since 2011 she was is a visiting and chair professor (Anthropology) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar (spring). Since 2000 she was a regular visiting professor at the Department of Portuguese Studies, of Anthropology and of the Watson Institute of International Relations, Brown University. Her core research is on Indian society and social segregation (with special focus on Dalits and women), colonialism and post-colonialism in India, fieldwork methodology, globalisation and diaspora and anthropology and cinema. Perez is a reviser of the European Research Council,  a consultant for the Commission for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (United Nations), a member of the board of the South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF, UE), and a member of the European Alliance for Asian Studies (EAAS). She published different articles on her topics of research, and she is a member of the editorial board of Portuguese and international scientific journals. Her last books in English are: The Tulsi and the Cross. Anthropology and the Colonial Encounter in Goa, Delhi, Orient Blackswan, 2011 (1st edition out of stock; 2nd edition in print); Kings and untouchables: a study of the caste system in western India, New Delhi, DC Publishers (3rd edition; out of stock). She co-edited with Lina Fruzzetti Women in the Field. Transdisciplinary Ethnography in India, London, Routledge,