Public Lecture: Augmented Exuberance



Public Lecture: Augmented Exuberance by Faculty of Creative Industries on 15th April, 2016.





Think of the city and all material around as a post-natural ‘augmented reality’, describing an overlap and constructed perception of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are supplemented by computational automation and digital sensory input.

This environment creates immersive experiences and information empowerment of the individual alongside the potential for intrinsic top-down control mechanisms for our hybrid civic environments.

The history of such spaces ranges from the baroque (constructed singular central viewing position, early panoramas, etc); modern cinematic constructs; and today’s sublime laser-point cloud scans and participatory MMORPG ego shooter games in social networks. It is here, within this postmodern digital simulacra where everybody has become part of Borges’ fable of the map that supersedes reality, where we exist and pose the hypothesis of an augmented architecture as an all encompassing interior state, feed-back controlled and choreographed as a scripted environment.

Over the past three years, studio tobias klein has worked on defining a contemporary architectural response to today’s environment dominated by the non-physical, the ephemeral data streams and the virtual super-saturation of augmented reality.

In this simulacra we inhabit, we design spatial interfaces between the virtual and actual – exuberant augmentations. We believe that today’s shift in technological perception entices a shift in the architectural profession. If ignored, this re-articulation will render us bystanders into the most important evolution in spatial design since the development of the central perspective in renaissance times.



Tobias Klein works in the fields of architecture, art, design and interactive media installation. His work generates a syncretism of contemporary CAD/CAM technologies with site and culturally specific design narratives, intuitive non-linear design processes, and historical cultural references. Before joining City University Hong Kong in the role as interdisciplinary Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media and the architectural department, he was employed at the Architectural Association (2008-2014) and the Royal College of Art, (2007-2010), teaching students at the postgraduate level. The resulting works of his studio are exhibited international with examples being in the collection of the Antwerp Fashion Museum, the London Science Museum, the V&A, the Bellevue Arts Museum, Museum of Moscow and Vancouver. He is lecturing and published internationally with most recent articles focusing on the translation from craftsmanship to digital manufacturing.