Online Doctoral Research Seminar | "Research as an Iterative Process" & "Why Choose to Teach: Pre-service Teachers and Career Switchers in Macau"



The Online Doctoral Research Seminars titled “Research as an Iterative Process” by Ms. Corinna Bramley and “Why Choose to Teach: Pre-service Teachers and Career” by Mr Hong Leng Ian, Eli will be held on 6 July.




“Research as an Iterative Process”
by Ms. corinna Bramley

‘Student engagement’ is a catch-all term, with limited agreed-upon meanings, and caught up in a multitude of discourses; it is itself a discourse. The conjuncture of knowledge, power, and language within a contemporary context renders understanding student engagement a somewhat elusive exercise. ‘Student engagement’ is irresistible to politicians and educationists of all persuasions, as they can bring it into their own agendas, values and interests, and as it would be difficult to defend students not being engaged in their learning and education. Drawing on the literature of a particular aspect of student engagement, which is it its relationship to wider social issues and how student engagement serves wider social interests, and through a worked example of a theory-driven systematic review, the thesis aims to ask and answer: Student engagement in what? Student engagement for what? Student engagement for whom?



“Why Choose to Teach: Pre-service Teachers and Career Switchers in Macau”
by Mr Hong Leng Ian, Eli

Data from the Talents Development Committee in Macau have demonstrated that the number of new teachers keeps increasing, but it is also predicted that the number of teachers demanded by schools is going to display a downward trend. This research aims to investigate and report the reasons for, constraints on, and causes of, pre-service teachers and career switchers applying in significant numbers to become teachers in Macau, at a time when there is an oversupply of teachers and when pressures on teachers are increasing.




Ms Corinna Bramley

Corinna Bramley is currently an English for Special Purposes (ESP) Trainer at the MPU-Bell Centre of English at Macau Polytechnic University (since 2008), where she is involved in courses and programmes in teacher education, mentoring, undergraduate work and open-enrollment courses. She has worked in higher education in Macau and in universities in Hong Kong, teaching local, international and mainland Chinese groups. She has been a certificated examiner for international qualifications for the University of Cambridge certificates in English language proficiency at many levels and in many areas, and in Aptis testing with the British Council. Prior to becoming a teacher, she was involved in international industry-specific publication and worked in the US and Europe as well as Tokyo.


Mr Hong Leng Ian, Eli

Hon Leng Ian, Eli has been working as a secondary school teacher in Macau for 14 years. Seeing different cohorts of new teachers entering the field every academic year, he wonders if they share the same ideals that drive them to become teachers. From the hardworking new teachers, he sees the same anxieties and insecurity he held after he finished his bachelor’s in education, and he knows that there are more teachers joining than teachers leaving every year, so he wants to know what really makes pre-service teachers and career switchers in Macau opt to work as teachers in Macau.



Date: Wednesday, 6 July 2022
Time: 15:30 – 18:00
Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81260247939?pwd=NUUvQzJ1NjBoRVZIa1BJNUlyL1Ridz09
Meeting ID: 812 6024 7939
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Organised by: Faculty of Social Sciences and Education
Moderated by: Prof. Keith Morrison and Prof. Elisa Monteiro


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*This Research Seminar will be conducted in English
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