MBA Talks 2022 | Taxation: History, Evasion and Ethics



The MBA Talks 2022 on “Taxation: History, Evasion and Ethics” by Prof. Dr. Jovan Shopovski will be held on 11 Feb, 2022.


The “MBA Talks” consist of a series of guest lectures, presentations and events with outstanding professionals from different industries in Macau and worldwide to the MBA community at USJ. Created by the Coordination of the MBA Programme in 2021, the sessions also aim to develop and establish an active network among MBA students, Professors, USJ MBA Alumni and other active supporters of our Department of Business Administration.


“Taxation: History, Evasion and Ethics”

This talk brings an active discussion about an extremely relevant topic for companies of any size or industry: Taxes. An introductory background is presented and two main focus are discussed. First the concept of Tax evasion – principles and classifications. Second, the Ethical aspects of taxes from public and private perspectives.


Prof. Dr. Jovan Shopovski
President of the ESI – European Scientific Institute

Dr. Jovan Shopovski is a founding member and president of the European Scientific Institute, ESI since 2010. He is visiting professor at several Universities worldwide. He delivered lectures at Universities in Italy, Poland, Romania, Argentina, and Georgia.

He is also a program director of the ESI Postdoctoral Program Social Sciences and Humanities in a Post-crisis period. This program networks researchers with different academic backgrounds and academic titles, providing an interdisciplinary approach towards contemporary societal challenges.

Dr. Shopovski is an advisory board member and a former board member of Eurodoc, The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, Brussels, Belgium. He is chairman and member of numerous Scientific and Organizing Committees of various International conferences and forums, worldwide, and project coordinator of different academic teams.

His list of publications embraces scientific papers in the area of taxation, entrepreneurship, academic writing, and academic publishing.


Date: Friday, 11th of February 2022
Time: 7 PM onwards
Location: 18/F, Residential Hall, USJ Ilha Verde Campus

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Organised by: Faculty of Business and Law, University of Saint Joseph

*Free event, open to the general public
*Sessions will be conducted in English