Financial Aid

There are scholarships and other sources of financial aid available to students in Macao.

USJ encourages students to apply for scholarships from external entities before applying to USJ’s scholarships. Besides scholarships, students may also apply for student loans with local banks.

Our Office for Student and Alumni Affairs provides support in a student’s application for financial aid. The most common types of financial aid that are available in Macao are listed in the Tables below:

Potential Sources of Financial Aid:

Donors Scholarship Type Application Period Website/Contact Info
Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Study Loan


Special Financial Assistance

June Avenida de D. João IV, n.os 7-9, 1.° andar, Macau

Tel: 2855 5533

DSEJ subsidy on interest loan – 9 banks

  • Bank of China
  • BNU
  • Tai Fung Bank
  • Wing Hang Bank
  • BCM
  • Macau Chinese Bank
  • Guangdong Development Bank
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Luso Bank
Interest Loan subsidy Scheme June to 31 Aug Avenida de D. João IV, n.os 7-9, 1.° andar, Macau

Tel: 2855 5533

Macao Academy Education Fund Society Financial Assistance

Study Loan

June and July Application forms can be downloaded from GAES website

Tel: 28565486 / 28347909


Potential Sources of Financial Aid

Donors Scholarship Type Application Period Website/Contact Info
Macao Education Fund Study Loan Every December Tel: 28423342 (Northern), 28972830 (Central)
Application forms can be downloaded from
Macau Jockey Club Financial Assistance to full time students Mid August to beginning of September Macau Jockey Club
Est.Gov.Albano da Oliveira
TaipaTel: 8397
AFA Macau Scholarship to full time students who study art related courses To be confirmed Estrada da AreiaPreta No. 52, Edificio da Fabrica de Baterias N.E. National, 10th Floor, Macau

Tel: 2836 6064

University of Saint Joseph

Higher Education Fund


Scholarships for University of Saint Joseph students from USJ and other sources For more information, please visit our website.

Tel: 85925699

USJ Community Scholarships and Fellowships (for a list of current donors please visit our website) Provided by external organisations and organised through USJ To be confirmed

Tel: 85925699

University’s scholarships are offered on the basis of financial needs and academic merit. Students are selected at the beginning of each Semester. Recipients of loans or scholarships from other sources may also be accepted for USJ scholarships.

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