Master in Education

Student Name:Fok Ka Ian
Student No:337220
Degree:Master in Education
Title of Examination:Improving Social Skill of Primary School Students Through A Social Skill Enhancement Program
Date and Time of ExaminationJuly 22, 2016 – 11:30am
Venue:Speaker’s Hall, NAPE 1
Examination PanelChair: Prof.  Elisa Monteiro Examiner: Prof. Ana Maria Correia Supervisor: Prof. Isabel Tchiang


Student Name:Ho Io Weng
Student No:TQ-40-DJ
Degree:Master in Education
Title of Examination:Introducing A Blended Learning Environment To Enhance Student Academic Efficacy
Date and Time of ExaminationApril 26, 2016 – 18:00pm
Venue:Library 2, NAPE 1
Examination PanelChair: Prof.  Isabel Tchiang Examiner: Prof. Elisa Monteiro Supervisor: Prof. Laurie Baker-Malungu

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