Webinar about eSports Industry and its Career Development





OSAA organised a webinar titled “USJ V Career Development Series – Can eSports Industry be a Winner during the Coronavirus Epidemic?” on 28 April 2020.

Organised by the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), webinar “USJ V Career Development Series – Can eSports Industry be a Winner during the Coronavirus Epidemic?”was held on an online platform on 28 April 2020.

Mr. Clarence Wong, Chairman of Macao China Electronic Sports Union Federation (MESUF) and Brand Executive Organiser of KOM Esports, and Mr. Navi’ Sit, Supervisor of Macao Esports Professional Organisation (MEPO) and Managing Partner of Precise Human Resources and Event Consultancy Limited, were invited as guest speakers for the webinar, they introduced and shared the latest conditions, future prospects, operation mode as well as the required skills to join the eSports industry.

“Based on the weakness of low population and lack of eSports professional talents in Macao, the development of Moderate diversification of the economic structure and transaction platform between Europe/US/Portuguese speaking countries and Mainland China could be a way to drive sustainable development and build up a business model in Macao, and also help the local eSports industry to meet the international standard. The epidemic created an opportunity for eSports to develop as a sporting event and attract talents. Currently, the policy of eSports development in Macao is promoting education through competitions, which includes providing the competition platforms, eSports facilities, the eSport-related professional training as well as a cultural exchange with cooperation with an educational and professional institution.” Clarence stated.

“With multi-skills and sustainable learning in many aspects of knowledge can improve competitiveness and transformation ability. The eSports industry needs diversified professional talents which include the best crossbow scope design, communication and media, event coordination, operational planning, MICE as well as lighting & audiovisual. The core skills include the eloquent as onstage MC, and AI design, writing skills, multimedia creation, translation and IT skills.” Navi’ added.

They also talked about the eSports’ surrounding industries during the webinars such as the development and operation of AI, automation, online exchange platform and virtual world have gradually popularised. The epidemic situation, which allowed the transformation of technical outcomes to applications, was considered important. It included the online consumption mode, transaction mode, living mode, virtual reality visualisation, virtual sport and entertainment industries.

At the end of the insightful seminar, Clarence and Navi’ answered questions from students and alumni about eSports. They hoped to co-organised events, co-open courses with USJ, and open internship opportunities for USJ students in the future.

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