Visit of the Association of Higher Education Students from Mainland China in Macao to USJ





The Association of Higher Education Students from Mainland China in Macao visited the USJ on 17 February 2023.

On 17 February 2023, the Association of Higher Education Students from Mainland China in Macao visited the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and was warmly welcomed by the Rector, Prof. Stephen Morgan, and Vice-Rector, Prof. Zhang Shuguang.

The two parties had in-depth exchanges and reached many consensuses in the fields of promoting enrollment in the mainland, cultivating the spirit of patriotism and love for Macao, and enriching the cultural life of students on campus.

During the meeting, Rector Morgan introduced USJ as a Catholic university that is rooted and based in and serves Macao, China, with the goal of cultivating talents needed for society.

Vice-Rector Zhang also commented on the work of the Association in recent years and said that the participation of students from the USJ is very meaningful. He hopes that USJ students can communicate and learn more with students from other universities. At the same time, Professor Zhang also looks forward to the Association to promote the integration of mainland and international students to build an international exchange platform.

Chairman of the Association, Mr Zhang Boliang, mentioned that the Association, with the joining of USJ, now covers all seven local universities qualified to enroll Mainland students and other ten associations, making them the largest student association in Macau. The recognition of the academic degrees from USJ by Mainland China symbolises a historic moment for USJ & Mainland students, enabling these students to enjoy the highest international faculty team, excellent national and international recognition, and strong campus culture in USJ.

Chief Supervisor Huang Kang also mentioned that the Association adheres to the “love the country, love Macao, and be fair and just” principle. When Mainland students of USJ became a member of the Association this year, the Board of Supervisors believed that they are an indispensable part of the Mainland students community in Macau and are the target of their future services.

It is hoped that the feedback platform for Mainland students established by the Board of Supervisors in the future can help the Mainland students of USJ resolve life and study problems and gain more sense of belonging. The Association also looks forward to more Mainland students from USJ joining in and developing better in the future.