USJ's Architecture Student Rossetti Ung Wins Bronze Award at ARCASIA Student Design Competition 2023





Rossetti Ung won the Bronze Award for her “Urban Farming” Project at the ARCASIA Student Design Competition 2023. 

Rossetti Ung, a University of Saint Joseph’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies graduated student for the 2022/2023 Academic Year, has won the Bronze Award amongst the best architecture projects from 22 countries, at the ARCASIA Student Design Competition 2023

(Photo: Rossetti Ung gets the Bronze Award at ARCASIA Student Design Competition 2023)

This competition provides an arena for students from ARCASIA‘s member Institutes to participate in ARCASIA’s activities. It is an opportunity for students from different cultures to exchange and share ideas on a particular design issue that is raised by ARCASIA every year. This year’s theme was “Designing a Future-Ready Community Responding to the Most Challenging Social Condition”.

(Photo: Rossetti Ung on stage receiving the award)

The award ceremony took place during the 20th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA20) and the 43rd ARCASIA Council Meeting in Boracay Island, Philippines, between the 18 to 22 September 2023.

(Photo: Rossetti Ung on stage with ARCASIA President Dr. Adu Sayeed, ACAE Chairman, Ar. Adrianta Aziz and the other winners)

Rossetti Ung was recommended by the AAM – Architects Association of Macau – to participate with her graduation project “Urban Farmland” in the student group architectural design competition, making her the first architectural design student from Macao to win an award in this competition. 

(Photo: Rossetti Ung with the Vice-President of the Architects Association of Macau (AAM) Ar. Donna Wu, the President of the AAM Ar. Christine Choi, AAM Member Ar. Karen Tou, and the President of the AAM General Assembly Ar. Ben Leong)

The project “Urban Farmland” was supervised by Prof. Nuno Soares, Head of the Department of Architecture and Design of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) of the USJ, and utilises advanced technology to grow crops in a controlled environment, aiming to produce more food with less space and resources than traditional farming methods.

(“Urban Farmland”, Rossetti Ung’s graduation project and bronze award-winning project at the ARCASIA Student Design Competition 2023)