USJ Welcomes New Students for the New Academic Year 2023/24





USJ kicked off the academic year 2023/2024 with a dynamic and engaging orientation programme that included sessions designed to provide new students with the tools and information necessary for their university journey.

USJ kicked off the academic year with a dynamic and engaging orientation programme. Organised by the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA), this year’s orientation program included a variety of sessions designed to provide new students with the tools and information necessary for their university journey.

Orientation Day

On the 31st of August, the new Bachelor students gathered in the Fatima Auditorium for the Orientation Day. USJ Vice-Rector, Prof. Keith Morrison, welcomed the students, followed by a general introduction to the University, Library Services, IT Services and Student Support Services. The USJ Music Club prepared a special singing performance and welcomed the students.

As USJ is committed to implementing the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the new students were guided through the SDGs in the SDG workshop of the first campus activity. The students were divided into groups to initiate ideas and actions to achieve the SDGs. Students continued the discussion between the groups over lunch, submitting proposals in their respective native languages. After lunch, the students were accompanied by OSAA staff and senior students from different faculties. Finally, the students had the opportunity to meet the deans and professors of their respective faculties and to get information about the programme of their studies.

The orientation session for Master students from FAH, FBL and FHS was held on the 5th of September.

Information Session for International Students

With new students coming from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, it was a valuable opportunity to promote cultural exchange and social connections. OSAA organised information sessions for non-local students on the 1st and the 12th of September. In addition to introducing Macau’s history, culture and lifestyle, representatives from the Judiciary Police also joined to give a presentation on the prevention of mobile and electronic fraud.

Induction Week

The Induction Week, held on the 6th and 13th of September, aims to bridge the gap between high school and university life. Students are introduced to the many opportunities available on campus. During the first Induction Week, students were divided into groups for a campus orienteering game. Besides familiarizing with the campus environment, it also promoted a sense of belonging and team spirit among the students.

The aim of the second Induction Week was to promote the holistic well-being of the students. To be able to face the challenges of the academic journey, one needs to be physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, the OSAA invited the Macau Floor Curling General Association to introduce the students to the sport of floor curling. It is a fun sport for the general public. Last but not least, USJ counsellor Ms Helen Lao shared with the new students the tips for a smooth transition to university life and the services and resources available to USJ students.

The orientation programme, which included introductory sessions, SDG training and cultural exchange activities, was sponsored by the Macau Foundation. It was successfully completed, setting the stage for a promising academic year ahead.

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