USJ Visited Melco's Elēkrŏn





On 28 March 2019, USJ visited Melco’s Elēkrŏn

On March 28th, 2019, the Faculty of Creative Industries and the School of Business and Law of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), took an international ensemble of students, from countries including Brazil, France, Guinea-Bissau, Philippines and Portugal, for a tour of the backstage operations of “Elēkrŏn” at Studio City Macao.

This learning opportunity was made possible through the generous invitation of Melco Resorts & Entertainment (Melco). The community development initiative for “Elēkrŏn” was the first of its kind by Melco, and USJ students were lucky to be the first group to learn from Melco managers and operators at the backstage of the show. The group later enjoyed the show, as audience members, as part of a bigger group of 150 students and staff from USJ.

At USJ, we strive to provide a world class learning environment through close collaboration with industries, that bring unforgettable real-life learning experiences to better prepare students for all aspects of their careers. This is made possible by collaborating with organizations like Melco, that continue to bring dazzling international talent and entertainment opportunities to Macao by growing the offering of family and artistically orientated programmes. Moreover, students are able to make an early contact with industry providers, in this case, of the creative and entertainment industry, to gain insightful understanding of its inner workings.