Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball Competitions held in USJ





On the first two weeks of December (right before the cold and rainy days!), USJ’s Sports competitions sponsored by the Tertiary Education Services Off

On the first two weeks of December (right before the cold and rainy days!), USJ’s Sports competitions sponsored by the Tertiary Education Services Office (GAES) were successfully held. Students and staff actively participated in the competitions! The first competition, USJ 3-on-3 Volleyball Competition was held on December 6 and 13 (Fridays) at Tong Nam Secondary School, while the Badminton Competition and 3-on-3 Basketball Competition was at St. Paul School, both on December 14 (Saturday). Approximately 65 students and staff participated in the events and groups of students also went there to support and watch the games.

3-on-3 Volleyball Competition (6 & 13 Dec)

With 4 teams, the USJ 3-on-3 Volleyball Competition was scheduled in 2 days to finish a round-robin series, where each team will compete against all teams. Everyone played with enthusiasm and great desire to win! After the semi-finals on the 1st day, the Finals was a battle between Tall Peoples against Ar Ji, and Power Rangers versus 2YS – the last two games that will determine the winners!

After two well-competed games, it was Team Ar Ji who won the title as the Champion of this years’ volleyball competition. Power Rangers and 2YS bagged the 1st and 2nd runner-up, respectively. At the end, Prof Anna Chan, our Vice-Rector awarded the medals and the cash prizes. Team photos and group photos were taken which captured the big smiles of all the participants. – Vitor Abreu, LBA (OSA Student Ambassador)

USJ Badminton Competition (14 Dec)

On a windy day, one day before the cold days, the USJ Badminton Competition was held at Escola São Paulo. Both last December 14. All players showed up early on the location to warm-up! Players were filled with excitement as they wait for their games to begin.

27 players arrived at the badminton tournament energized and ready. The tournament began at 9:30am and teams were constantly practicing while waiting for their time to compete. Scores of the competitors weren’t far from each other, making the games exhilarating. All categories: men, women, singles and doubles, were filled with highlights that no photo we have taken was able to capture. Some players are really very competent while others are still beginners, but that didn’t stop them from having fun and enjoying the games. You just had to be there to see for yourself. The games ended at roughly 1:00PM.

We have listed below the winners of the games, if they are you’re friends or classmates, congratulate them, if you don’t know any of them, you better start joining the games! – Maria Lynzy Valles, LCM (OSA Student Ambassador)

USJ 3-on-3 Basketball Competition (14 Dec)

Same day as the Badminton Competition, USJ’s ballers formed their teams to compete at the 3-on-3 Basketball Competition at Escola Sao Paulo. A total of 6 teams with 4 players each entered the competition. The players have started to warm up as soon as they arrive. The games started at around 2:00PM and were unexpectedly intense and electrifying especially during the last few games where the championship is still up for grabs! The scores were neck and neck and no one was giving up. Games got more and more physical down each stretch. There had to be a Championship Game and a Battle for 3rd place in the round-robin format.

Finally, Team Heroes emerged as the Champion; Team Intensity got the 1st Runner-up while Team Yeah won the 2nd. They were awarded with medals and cash prize and were loudly applauded. The spirit of sportsmanship was greatly present on the match as winners and participants shake hands and congratulate each other.