USJ SA Business Club’s Experience Trip to Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic





USJ SA Business Club visit Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic from 16 to 18 December.

The Business Club mentor, Prof. Florence Lei, and student members – Zhong Junfeng (MBA), Chan Keng Fai (BBA), Ao Ieong Io Weng (BBA), Tam Sio Teng (BBA), Edgar Pereira (BBA), Lam Chin Chi (BAS), and Li Zixuan (BBA) visited Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (GPP) from 16 – 18 December 2023. As USJ’s partner institution, Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic has sent two groups of staff and students to visit USJ in May of 2021 and in April of 2023. During both visits, Business Club members assisted the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) in receiving the GPP visitors in various exchange activities. The fruitful exchanges led to GPP’s invitation to the Business Club to return a visit to GPP.

The experience trip was sponsored by the Bank of China (Macau Branch). During the three-day experience trip, the Business Club group toured various colleges and research centers of GPP, including College of Art and Design, College of Jewelry, Virtual Simulation Center, and College of Finance and Economics. It was a great opportunity for the Business Club group to interact with the teachers and students of GPP and experience their learning environment. GPP also guided the Business Club group to tour cultural heritage sites in Guangzhou, including Nansha Yunsha Xingyunxiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, the Shamian area, Cantonese Opera Art Museum, and Yongqingfang Intangible Cultural Heritage Street.

“We learned and experienced a lot from what we watched, listened to and touched. It will be an important memory of my life,” said Edgar Pereira, one of the student participants of this experienced trip. The Business Club student members expressed their deep gratitude to GPP for their hospitable reception, and looked forward to future exchanges.