USJ Hosts Appreciation Dinner for Student Association and Clubs





The “2024 USJ Clubs Dinner” was held to facilitate interaction among participants from various student associations while expressing gratitude to students and alumni for their continuous support and contributions to the campus activities.

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) organised the “2024 USJ Clubs Dinner” at Crowne Plaza Macau on the 21st of May. The event brought together participants from USJ’s student association and clubs, facilitating exchange and collaboration among them. It also served as an opportunity for the university to express appreciation to its students and alumni for their dedicated efforts and strong support towards campus activities. The event attracted a hundred attendees, creating a lively atmosphere.

Distinguished guests in attendance included Mr. Chan Iok Wai, Head of the Department of Students of the Education and Youth Development Bureau; Ms. Stephanie Zhu Dandan and Ms. Carla from Bank of China (Macau) Limited; Ms. Grace Lei from San Hau On Branch of OCBC; Dr. Teresa Loong, Vice Rector of USJ; Dr. Alejandro Salcedo Garcia, Administrator of USJ; Ms. May Chan and Ms. Angela Ngai, Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly, USJ Alumni Association; Mr. Gavin Hoi, Chairperson of USJ Alumni Sports Association; and Ms. Jenny Lam, Head of the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs.

The Rector of USJ, Rev. Prof. Stephen Morgan, who was unable to attend as he was overseas, delivered a heartfelt speech via video expressing gratitude towards the university’s young students for their contributions. He commended the students for their active participation and organisation of campus activities, in addition to their diligent academic pursuits. He praised the outstanding achievements of the students in various aspects throughout the year, including numerous awards received in Macao, as well as remarkable performances by the university sports teams. He expressed his pride in the students’ accomplishments and extended sincere wishes for the success of the dinner.

During the event, representatives from the USJ Students’ Association (USJSA) introduced the competitions and activities in which various student associations participated throughout the year. This included information about the university’s Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, and Football teams, as well as the Music Club, Business Club and the Alumni Golf Team. They shared the students’ achievements, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the efforts and accomplishments of the USJSA and various student association teams in different fields. Following the sharing session, Dr. Teresa Loong and Dr. Alejandro held a toast on stage.

During the sharing session, Richard Adrian Pastorin Vallestero, President of the General Assembly of USJSA, expressed that the dinner provided a platform for members of the student associations to come together, share ideas, and enhance students’ unity and cohesion through fruitful discussions. He expressed gratitude to the guests, alumni, faculty, and students for their presence and extended profound respect to the alumni and staff who have continuously supported the development of student activities. He also expressed hopes for continued guidance from all parties, enabling young students to continue growing and moving forward.

An international student from the Philippines expressed that being a member of both the university’s music club and business club provided her with unique experiences during the preparation of daily activities. She recalled participating in the annual faculty day event organized by the Business Club, while showcasing her talent through performances with the music club. She believed that the joyous atmosphere of the gala dinner not only allowed for enjoyment but also fostered connections among the various student associations, providing valuable benefits.

The dinner concluded with a performance by the Music Club, bringing a harmonious and lively atmosphere to the entire event.