USJ accredited for successful delegation visit to Portugal





USJ accredited for successful delegation visit to Portugal on 14th January 2019

On December 14th 2018, the Council for the Promotion of Guangdong – Hong Kong and Macao Cooperation reelected its members and executives during its General Assembly. Furthermore, University of Saint Joseph was mentioned for the successful organization of the Delegation’s visit to Portugal and Spain, which took place from June 30th 2018 to July 7th 2018.

This was the result of work done by USJ senior lecturer; Emil Marques who was elected this term as an Executive Board Member of the council.  The report also featured the meeting of USJ Vice Rector Prof. Alvaro Barbosa with Alberto Carvalho Neto, President of the Portugal – China Young Entrepreneurs Association and Delegation members during their visit to Porto. The delegation understands USJ’s international education experience and capacity and hopes USJ can explore opportunities for further Sino – Luso education collaborations of replica watches between Portugal and Macao to benefit the Great Bay Area. The meeting laid foundations for future collaborations between the arts and cultural committee of the Council and USJ, which promises future Portuguese and Chinese cultural interaction and exchange.

More details: http://www.ygahzcjh.gd.gov.cn/Item/1160.aspx

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