USJ 1st Indoor Rowing Challenge





The first edition of Indoor Rowing Challenge in the USJ Gymnasium was held in February 2021.

With the aim of promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) organised its first edition of Indoor Rowing Challenge in the USJ Gymnasium, in February 2021.

Below are the top 10 participants with the fastest rowing times:

1. Choi Tat Long (BSWP, Year 3) 1334m
2. Wong Ka Weng (PGDE, Year 1) 1325m
3. Luis Sonco (BBA, Year 1) 1291m
4. Tam Sio Teng (BBA, Year 1) 1211m
5. Leong Man Kit (BSWP, Year 3) 1196m
6. Morto Camara (BCM, Year 3) 1169m
7. Pang Wing Yan (BED, Year 1) 1140m
8. Ip Chin Wang (BDSP, Year 2) 1128m
9. Leong Seng Chou (BED, Year 1) 1094m
10. Leong Chi Man (BSWP, Year 3) 1057m


Rowing_02 (1)

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!