The Sixth Macao Cultural Heritage Quiz semi-final Competition took place in USJ





Director of the Xavier Research Center for Memory and Identity attended and participated in “The Sixth Macao Cultural Heritage Quiz Competition” prize awarding ceremony.

On the 22nd of October, Macau Heritage Ambassadors Association (MHAA) held the final round of the sixth Macao Cultural Heritage Quiz Competition in IFT Mong Ha Campus. Four teams with students from 3 schools were competing to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Macao’s history and cultural heritage.

This is the sixth continuous year of this competition, with around 200 students from more than 28 schools participating this year, they all started with written exam took place in University of Saint Joseph (USJ), 49 teams were competing for 24 spots to the next round before they fight for the 4 tickets of the final. The competition is sponsored by Fundo de Desenvolvimento da Cultura, venue is sponsored by Macao Institute for Tourism Studies & University of Saint Joseph, and supported by M-dimension Macau.

According, to the President of Macau Heritage Ambassadors Association, Kwah, Hou In, it is an important event for raising awareness of heritage conservation among secondary students as there is not enough specific school subject related to Macao cultural heritage. An important aspect in the competition is the preservation of the Cantonese and some questions for the contestants were related to their knowledge of Cantonese language expressions.

It is fantastic to see secondary students participating in such contests dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of historical knowledge about Macau. Prof. Denis Zuev, Director of the Xavier Research Center for Memory and Identity attended the event and participated in the prize awarding ceremony.