The Mangroves Exhibition goes mobile!





The USJ/ISE Mangroves exhibition is now mobile, touring around the schools in Macao from October 2021 until March 2022.

The Mangroves exhibition, organised by the University of Saint Joseph’s Institute of Science and Environment (ISE), which opened to the public for a month in the Summer of 2020, is now going around the schools in Macao! In line with the university’s commitment to addressing the SDGs, this event is part of the project “Wetlands as Nature-based solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”.

This year’s tour started at The International School of Macao, from 25 October to 25 November), followed by Yuet Wah College, from 8 to 19 November. Several other local schools will also feature the exhibition from December 2021 to March 2022.

This exhibition showcases the local mangrove ecosystem that makes up an essential part of Macao’s natural environment through scientific display boards, photographs, films, and interactive tank models.

Aside from that, this exhibition is complemented by public talks and guided field visits to the local mangroves sites, aiming to raise community awareness and curiosity, and to encourage students and other members of the local community to cherish this valuable habitat.

The International School of Macao:

Yuet Wah College, Macau: