The first school-based training of the Teacher Professional Development Centre of USJ was successfully completed





The first school-based training of the Teacher Professional Development Centre of USJ, “Inclusive Education Course” was successfully completed.

The students of the first school-based training course “Inclusive Education Course” commissioned by Colégio Diocesano de São José 3 followed Professor Frances Lai Mui Lee of the School of Education of USJ paid the second school visit to the sister school Escola São João de Brito on the afternoon of June 29, 2023, which drew a successful conclusion to this training course.

Accompanied by Principal Ng Teng Chio of Colégio Diocesano de São José (1-4) and Principal Lao Sio Wa of Escola de Santa Teresa do Menino Jesusl, Principal Cheong Chun Cheng of Escola São João de Brito led the teachers of the school to welcome all the students of this course to visit the school.

Pun Chi Meng, Paul, the member of the Brito School management committee, gave a brief speech, and then Director Choi of the Life Support Office gave a brief introduction about Brito School, and the students visited the school. Afterwards, Ms. Lam introduced the situation of the school’s inclusive students, the implementation of inclusive education measures and follow-up procedures, and Ms. Leong then shared the follow-up of the inclusive students’ admission to higher education and employment. 

Combining the two visits (Visiting Escola Dom João Paulino on June 17, see: https://www.usj.edu.mo/en/news/tpdc-concludes-first-school-visit-of-its-inclusive-education-training-course/), the school in Macao has worked very hard in the practice of inclusive education. Teachers have carefully designed suitable courses and activities for students with different needs to help them grow.

(17 June – IEC course 1st school visit to Escola Dom João Paulino)

At the end, Professor Lee made a summary of the activities and courses, and wished the participants of this course a deeper understanding of the unique needs and requirements of students with special educational needs, and encouraged all participants to continue to grow and use their newly learned Knowledge that makes a positive difference in the lives of students with special needs.