The Faculty of Arts and Humanities present SELECTED WORKS 2023 at the Creative Macau Gallery





The Faculty of Arts and Humanities present SELECTED WORKS 2023 at the Creative Macau Gallery from 10 November to 2 December.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Saint Joseph, presents the “FAH – Selected Works 2023” at Creative Macau, with creations from the Architecture, Design, Fashion, and Communication and Media students. The opening will take place on Friday, 10 November 2023, at 6.30 pm.

For more information, please visit: https://www.creativemacau.org.mo/event/selected-works-2023/

Communication and Media – “Shadow”

“Shadow” is the theme of a series of short films created by the Communication and Media bachelor students (BCM). “Shadow” can refer both to a literal absence of light and to a metaphorical representation of hidden or repressed aspects of oneself or society. The graduating students of USJ’s Bachelor of Communication and Media explored this topic and present here different approaches using a diverse range of media, including photography, film, and media installations, each uniquely investigating the interplay of light and darkness, hidden truths, and the obscured aspects of our existence. These projects challenge us to confront our own shadows and to consider the ways in which our collective shadows impact our world. We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and societal reflection, as these emerging talents cast new light on the enigmatic shadows that surround us.

“What the Heart Wants” (by Turbo) is a photography project that explores the art of double exposure effect. The images are the result of interviews with individuals about their thoughts on the future, the past, and their dreams. A studio black and white portrait of each participant was taken, and an AI image generator was used to create the pictures of their dreams. The two different pictures were combined into a single image that expresses the subject’s dream. The project showcases the beauty of the images while adding a layer of meaning to the photography. 

“The Eyes of the Shadow” (by Stella Cheong) is a media installation that offers voice to some overshadowed individuals in Macau. This project illuminates the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of those we don’t usually hear, through a series of pictures overlaid with animated phrases and audios that was collected from interviews. “What are their thoughts and feelings like as they live in the “shadow” of their suffocating life?” This project’s goal is to demonstrate this idea, while also urging viewers to question their own beliefs and biases. “The Eyes of the Shadow” is a powerful and moving project that invites us to listen to the often-silenced hidden voices and to embrace our community’s diversity and complexity.

Design – “Shapeless”

The design projects start from the concept of Shapeless. In the closing statement of his 10 principles of good design, Dieter Rams advocates that “Good design is as little as possible”. In our urban lives, cluttered by layers of information and overwhelmed by a constant flow of novelties, it is important to take a step back and concentrate on the essential aspects that define design. The theme “Shapeless” approaches the possibility of design beyond shapes. It refers to an attitude towards design to concentrate on the underlying concepts rather than just form – to shape less. In their projects, students were asked to take Macao as their case study and address key matters of social relevance, ecological balance, and cultural contextualisation, with a common vision of contributing to a more sustainable and liveable Macau.

Architecture – Post-Industry

The Architecture projects explores the future of post-industry in Macau. This studio started with the analysis of the UOPG Pac On of the new Macau Masterplan, aiming to challenge the future generation of Macau architects in contributing to its future development. The individual projects developed by each student embrace the local culture and the ambition of a more participated urban space, with projects ranging from a recycling centre, a centralized car maintenance hub, a multifunctional market, a makers hub, and vertical urban farming. These strive to implement the detailed master plan with site-specific projects that serve the local community as innovative materializations of a desirable future.

Fashion – “Rebirth”

The fashion design projects explore the concept of Rebirth. We are living in an unprecedented period in Fashion History. However, after each significant transition period, there comes a window of opportunity to act and effect positive change. This is the time to reconsider and reimagine. In response to today’s urgent climatic issues, the fashion industry is committed to reducing its environmental impact by inventing and re-inventing itself through production processes incorporating circularity and sustainability. As people become more aware of how overproduction and textile waste harm the environment, brands and businesses are rethinking their business models. It is time to reflect and act to demonstrate how the field of sustainable fashion design can Rebirth and benefit the world.