Students of the MESM Visited Ecological Sites in Macao





Students of the Master of Environmental Science and Management Visited Ecological Sites in Macao

The Institute of Science and Environment at USJ organised field visits to two ecological sites in Cotai and Coloane for the students of the Ecology and Ecosystems Conservation module (MES202) in November. The first visit was at the Ecological Zones in Cotai, an area of about 55 hectares, comprised of the Ecological Zone I (a 15-hectare bird sanctuary) and Ecological II (a 40-hectare mangrove forest). The activity provided the students a better perspective of the coastal wetland ecosystems in Macao and why they should be protected and conserved. The second visit was in an intertidal ecosystem in Coloane. The students were surprised to observe biodiversity, with seaweeds and other associated fauna in the area. It was a unique opportunity for them to closely observe an intertidal ecosystem, something that they have not noticed nor have given attention in Macao before.

Intertidal1 wetlands2