Students Attended Inspiring Live Theatre Performance ‘Da Di Zhi Guang’ Macau Tour





USJ students attended the live Theatre Performance ‘Da Di Zhi Guang’ Macau Tour, on 31 October 2023.

The original drama ‘Da Di Zhi Guang’ Macau Tour is based on the famous Geologist Mr. Li Siguang, starting from the dialogue between Li Siguang and his students in his later years. The play uses flashbacks to show Li Siguang’s life of cherishing the motherland, devoting himself to science, being indifferent to fame and fortune, devoting himself to work, adhering to the truth, and taking responsibility bravely through specific historical scenes.

Students from the Master of Environmental Sciences and Management programme had the opportunity to watch this live theatre performance and were impressed by the performance. This activity also served as a reminder of the importance of passion and perseverance in their own academic journeys.