Prof. Isabel Morais presented two papers at University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, and University of S. Paulo, Brazil





Prof. Isabel Morais presented two papers at the III Symposium on Inquisitorial Studies: New Frontiers and the international conference “III Crossings: Brasil, Portugal e Grande China”

Prof. Isabel Morais presented the paper​ entitled “The Scope of the Holy Office of The inquisition of Goa in cases of heresy, superstition and idolatry in Macao: The case of the Macanese trader António Vicente Rosa in late eighteenth-century Macao” at the Faculty of Law, University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain on 10-12 June 2015.


Prof. Isabel Morais also presented​ a paper​ in Portuguese ​entitled ” Os entrecruzamentos da imigração chinesa (1858-2015): Macau, Moçambique e Brasil” at the​ International Conference “III Crossings: Brazil, Portugal e Grande China” held at the University of S.Paulo, Brazil on 27-31 July 2015. Her participation was kindly sponsored by The MSAR Tertiary Education Services Office ( GAES).