Coordinator of the USJ's Research Lab for Cultural Sustainability participated in the CCCM's Spring Conferences 2024





Dr. Denis Zuev, Coordinator of the Research Laboratory for Cultural Sustainability at the University of Saint Joseph, presented a talk on “The Spectacle of the Chinese City: urban atmospheres, the built environment and everyday practices”, at the CCCM Spring Conference 2024 in Lisbon.

The Cultural and Scientific Center of Macau (CCCM) has held it third annual Spring Conference cycle – Conferências da Primavera 2024, in Lisbon, Portugal, throughout the month of March. The conference included several days of intensive academic exchange, organised around regional theme: starting with Macao, then with the predominant bulk of presentations made on China, and finishing with Asia in general.

In the section dedicated to China, coordinator of the Research Laboratory for Cultural Sustainability, Dr. Denis Zuev, presented a talk on “The Spectacle of the Chinese City: urban atmospheres”, the built environment and everyday practices, which was based on the research conducted in the framework of the special issue of the journal Visual Studies, published online the 1st of March, 2024. Interestingly, Macao is the only city to be featured twice on the cover of this highly-rated academic journal published by Routledge.

The conferences of CCCM are a great opportunity to meet colleagues, present ongoing or completed research, as well as to get inspiration and ideas for new projects. The organisers have provided a fantastic space for multiple activities. In the first days, following the academic talks participants of the Patuá language course presented poems in Patuá, which was accompanied by music and songs in Patuá, the creole language of the Macanese population of Macao.

The section on China finished with the screening organised by the Instituto do Oriente and was followed by a lively discussion of the film The American Factory. Work ethics, globalisation of Chinese capital, cultural frictions, the culture of compromise and negotiation, as well as the role of (mis)understanding in cultural contacts – were all discussed by the participants.

The conference also included book launches published by the CCCM.

The Spring Conference cycle of 2024 terminated with a guided tour of the CCCM museum and a closing section where consuls and ambassadors from various Asian countries based in Portugal, as well as Portuguese diplomats based in Asia, made speeches emphasising the growth of interest in Portuguese language and discussing the historical and enduring cultural connections between Portugal, China, India, Japan and Singapore.