MBA Orientation Day 2018 on 1st September




MBA Orientation Day 2018 on 1st September

On September 1, USJ’s School of Business conducted its annual MBA Student Orientation Day. In addition to introducing the new students to facets of the MBA, the day, which was facilitated by the MBA Coordinator Prof Michael Trimarchi also placed an emphasis on coaching the new group of students through various topics such as developing a learning mindset, group work, and case study analysis.

The library was also represented by Francis Nwachukwu, who presented an introduction to the USJ e-library resources.

As Prof Trimarchi explained: “it was a day of fun and hard work, and as always I’m looking forward to working with this new group of students as they progress through their MBA studies”.

Good luck to the MBA cohort of 2018-2019!


Working together to complete the case study exercise.


Lunch was enjoyed by all!


Francis Nwachukwu introduces the e-library resources to the new students.