Journey to the Last Frontier – by Prof. Álvaro Barbosa





Journey to the Last Frontier – by Prof. Álvaro Barbosa on 21st May 2016 (Saturday), 8pm at Dom Pedro V Theatre.

In 2012, Macao-based Portuguese sound artist Álvaro Barbosa and Angolan Musical Instrument Designer Victor Gama embarked on a former 1970s oceanographic boat to begin a ten-day expedition to the Antarctic continent. Drifting between the islands off the Antarctic Peninsula, they collected video and audio recordings that would become inspirational artistic material for their upcoming creations. Through the lens of his camera, Barbosa captured the overwhelming natural beauty of Antarctica and published a book of photographs to share with the public a collection of inspiring images from this artistic expedition.

This concert features music pieces selected, improvised, and composed by Barbosa, played jointly by the Macanese Pianist Christine Hong and guest musicians José Alberto Gomes and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. They will perform experimental electro-acoustic compositions featuring the interactive music device developed and patented by Barbosa (the Radial String Chimes). Videos and sounds recorded on the Antarctic Peninsula will be projected and played during this performance, transporting the audience to a journey of majestic nature in the Last Frontier.

Don’t miss this uplifting experimental concert experience!

21 May 2016, 8:00 PM

Dom Pedro V Theatre, Macau

Duration: approximately 50 minutes, no interval

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