ISE's Plastic Pollution and Mangroves Exhibition continues





ISE’s Plastic Pollution and Mangroves Exhibition continues to spreads environmental awareness to 2 more local high schools.

The plastic pollution and mangroves exhibition and talks of the Institute of Environment and Science’s (ISE) continue to gain momentum. The organising team visited 2 more local schools last week – Sacred Heart Canossian College and School of the Nations – and the response from the students was overwhelming.

“It was inspiring to see the young students fully engaged and enthusiastically participating. We believe educating young people is crucial in creating a more sustainable city and that the exhibition and talks serve as a platform to inspire the next generation to take concrete actions. We hope to continue working with the community to create a better environment for all.” – The ISE team.

To know more about the project, visit: https://ise.usj.edu.mo/research/projects/wetland-ecosystems-as-a-nature-based-solution-for-plastic-pollution/