ISE successfully held the Microplastics Workshop for Citizen Scientists





ISE held 2-session of Microplastics Workshop for Citizen Scientists on October 15 and 18, 2022.

Plastic pollution is affecting the world, and they’re especially prevalent in the ocean and coastal regions. Although microplastics are not as talked about, they have an immense presence in marine life which may consequently affect the humans who ingest them. The 2-session workshop held at the Institute of Science and Environment (ISE) of University of Saint Joseph (USJ), on October 15 and 18, offered citizen science participants the opportunity to learn some concepts for a better understanding of the effects and impacts of these microplastics in coastal areas, as well as train, with fun hands-on experiences, the steps they can take to help with this critical issue. The last session of the workshop successfully concluded with the enthusiastic participation of the citizen science trainees on the identification of microplastics, group discourse about plastics, and awarding of certificates.

The workshop was organised by Prof. Karen Tagulao, with support from Mr. Saidu Bashir (trainer), Dr. Sara Cardoso, and Ms. Yolanda Lau, within the context of the projects  1)  “Wetland ecosystems: a nature-based solution for coastal protection and plastic pollution entrapment in Macao” supported by the Drop by Drop ProjectClean the World Foundation and Sands Eco Sustainability; and 2) “PlastiFish: Methods, effects and risk analysis of microplastics in fish production” jointly funded by the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

This workshop aligns with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):