Invited Guests and Students visited USJ’s Future Campus





Invited Guests and Students visited USJ’s Future Campus on 29th April 2017

A visit to University of Saint Joseph’s Future Campus at Ilha Verde was held at noon time on Saturday, 29th April 2017. The visit began with an introductory speech by Fr. Peter Stilwell, Rector of USJ, followed by some words of welcome by USJ’s new Chancellor, Bishop of Macao Diocese Rev. Stephan Lee. Guests were then invited on a guided tour around the new campus and a simple standing lunch.

The Visit was attended by prestigious guests, such as: the Head of the Holy See Study Mission, Msgr. Ante Jozic; Bishop Emeritus of Macao Diocese, Rev. José Lai;  Acting Director of the Tertiary Education Services Office (GAES), Mr. Chang Kun Hong; Deputy Director of Department of Culture and Education of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao SAR, Mr. Li Yongxian; Deputy President of the Macao Foundation, Ms. Chong Yee; Head of Division of Educational Equipment of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Mr. Wong Chio In; Head of Department of Research and Planning of the Social Affairs Bureau, Ms. Tang Kit Fong;Priests from the Macao Diocese and Parishes; Principals and representatives from local high schools; and representatives from local associations.

During the tour, visitors were welcomed by students of the university, and guests were amazed by the state-of-art design of the campus and its facilities. The guided tour took the guests to the large and small auditoriums, classrooms, dormitory, swimming pool, in-door basketball court and gymnasium. Booths and showrooms were set up across the central garden and classrooms on the 1st floor for the visit of USJ’s friends and community.

In the afternoon, students of USJ and students from local high schools were invited to have a preview of the future campus of the University of Saint Joseph. The University’s international students arranged different cultural experiences for the visits, with booth games, food from different parts of the world and cultural dance performance. Through the exhibits and presentations in classrooms, organised by the seven USJ’s academic units, students had a glimpse of the future study life in the university’s colourful campus.