International Day of Living Together in Peace





International Day of Living Together in Peace on 16 May 2020


Last Saturday, 16 May 2020, was the International Day of Living Together in Peace.

“As a means of regularly mobilizing the efforts of the international community to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding, and solidarity … (this) day aims to uphold the desire to live and act together, united in differences and diversity, in order to build a sustainable world of peace, solidarity, and harmony.” – United Nations

“為了強調並激勵國際社會努力促進和平、容忍、包容、理解和團結,國際和平共處日旨在鼓勵人們和平地生活在一起,與不同的人和睦地相處,共同建立一個和平、和諧與團結、可持續的世界。” – 聯合國

One of the ways USJ enacts its strategic objective of promoting the identity and ethos of the University is by fostering inclusiveness, fairness and respectful diversity in its puppy pads community life. Considering this, USJ invited students, academic and administrative staff to celebrate this meaningful day that so well represents our mission!
聖若瑟大學其中一項使命就是 “宣揚本校獨有的身份和理念”,在大學多樣性的學習生活中,培養出包容、公平和尊重。為此,聖大特意邀請不同的學生和教職員共同慶祝這個有意義的日子。
To know more about the day, please visit 了解更多,請瀏覽 (click here)