Inauguration of “Belonging” - 2022 Department of Creative Industries Graduation Exhibition





The 2022 Department of Creative Industries Graduation Exhibition “Belonging” was officially inaugurated in USJ on June 16 2022.

The “Belonging” graduation exhibition was officially inaugurated on 16 June 2022 at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Ilha Verde Campus. The event was organised by the Department of Creative Industries (DCI) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) to present the graduation projects of this academic year’s DCI’s students from Bachelors of Architectural Studies, Communication and Media, Design, and Digital Cinema.

This year’s theme conveys the sense of shared community and creativity that is present at USJ, bringing together four different exhibitions titled – Gap (Architecture), Shift (Design), Unusual (Communication and Media), and Power (Digital Cinema), showcasing the talent of the future generation of Macao’s creative.

Officiating guests of the event included: Vice-Rector of USJ Prof. Álvaro Barbosa, Dean of the USJ Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof. Carlos Sena Caires, Dean of the USJ Faculty of Social Sciences and Education Prof. Elisa Monteiro, Head of Higher Education Exchange and Cooperation Division of DSEDJ Mr. Fong Ka Kin, Director of Alliance Française de Macao Mr. William Bascaule, Deputy Director General of CPTTM Mr. Jack Chang, and Prof. Lampo Leong from the University of Macau.

The opening ceremony began at the Fátima Auditorium with an encouraging speech by the Dean of FAH and a screening of four outstanding short films (“Kind of Mage”, “Just a Piece”, “Unexplained”, “Back”) under the theme “Power”, produced, directed and edited by Digital Cinema students and supervised by the programme Coordinator Prof. João Brochado.

An interacting guided tour of the Exhibition by the Coordinators of each programme was followed after the screening, addressing the beginning of the “Belonging” at the Kent Wong Exhibition Gallery.

Prof. Nuno Soares, Coordinator of the Architecture programme, introduced the “GAP” exhibition, which encapsulates nine projects exploring urban gaps as an opportunity to develop alternative interactive spaces. These architectural works were created with the aim of revitalising the urban gaps by reconnecting useless spaces with context to achieve users’ needs and new alternative ideas to improve the potential positive impact of the Macau Masterplan on the Outer Harbour Zone 1.

Introduced by Prof. José Simões, Coordinator of the Communication and Media programme, the “Unusual” works comprises nine individual projects showing different and original perspectives of Macao, exploring innovative techniques that mix photography, videography, sound and art installations. These works ranged from documental photography of the old Macao to minorities and communities to visually impacted animated images that show the full potential of the graduating students.

Lastly, “Shift” was the name given to the Design exhibition. The coordinator of the Design Programme, Prof. Filipa Martins, explained that students were asked to design for impact, addressing their target user’s requirements, social relevance, economic sustainability, ecological balance, and cultural contextualization. The resulting projects were “Flip & Slide”, “EV8”, “Ukino” and “Wave” – each reflects their diverse interest and perspective but share a common vision of contributing to a more sustainable and liveable Macau.

The Exhibition is open to the public from 16 June until 30 September 2022, on Mondays to Fridays (9am – 7pm), and Saturdays (10am – 2pm), at the basement of the Kent Wong Exhibition Gallery, except public holidays.