"Gam Man Sik Faan": A Macao Inside Out Event




On 20 March 2019, PIRO took the Spring Semester International Exchange Students to dine like a local

On March 20th, 2019, to further experiment the local culture, the Public and International Relations Office took the Spring Semester International Exchange Students for dinner at the “Estabelecimento de Comidas Si Fu Chai (Ilha Verde)”, located near USJ’s Ilha Verde Campus. A representative of the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs, that closely comes into contact with the students, also joined the dinner.

Students had the opportunity to try traditional dishes like “deep-fried Bombay duck with peppercorn salt”, “sweet and sour pork” and “deep-fried crab meat box”, while experiencing dining like a local.

The dinner was kindly sponsored by the Macao Foundation.


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