Faculty of Arts and Humanities Holds a Public Lecture to Algarve University





On September 27th, 2022, Prof. José Manuel Simões gave a virtual public lecture titled “Analyse the Three Language Press in Macau” to members of Algarve University.

This Monday, September 27th, 2022, Prof. José Manuel Simões, Head of the Department of Media, Art & Technology in the University of Saint Joseph’s (USJ) Faculty of Arts and Humanities, gave a virtual public lecture to members of Algarve University. The lecture was titled “Analyse the Three Language Press in Macau.”

Macao is a territory characterized by strong multiculturalism where different communities coexist in harmony. This generates a very particular media system. Despite the small size of the territory, there are media outlets — newspapers, radio, and television stations – that broadcast in different languages, mainly Chinese, Portuguese and English. Macao has some of the highest density of media in the world — nine daily newspapers in Chinese, three daily newspapers in Portuguese, three daily newspapers in English, half a dozen weeklies in Chinese, one Portuguese-Chinese bilingual weekly, and one trilingual weekly in Portuguese, Chinese and English.

Macao also has two television transmission channels in the territory and a radio channel broadcasting in Chinese and Portuguese. The two television channels include one in Chinese and one in Portuguese, which also broadcasts an English-language newscast. Additionally, there are several private broadcasters in Macao, such as Radio Vila Verde Lda, Macau Cable, and two satellite television companies.

Journalism in Macao is the result of a combination of the western journalism models and the local culture. The University of Saint Joseph looks forward to further collaboration with Algarve University for the development of media studies in both regions and around the world.