English Day British Parliamentary Debate Competition





English Day British Parliamentary Debate Competition on 11 March 2016

On 11th March, a debate competition was held for students for the USJ English Day. It was a 1 day tournament and the debating format was British Parliamentary (i.e. 7 minute speeches and two debaters per team).

The competition ended successfully with the Opening Opposition represented by Joanna Wong and Frederick T. Cabio Üemerging as champions of the competition with a prize award for both debaters. Another debater Wilson Lei was awarded best speaker of the debate competition and with a prize also.The debaters enjoyed participating in an academic debate competition and some of the debaters have signed up to join the USJ English Debate Society. We wish to thank them for their participation and also the attendance of the audience. We extend our gratitude to OSA, Macao Foundation, Teachers and Students who made this event a possibility. We say big Thanks to you all.

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