Courtesy Visit by Prof. Wu Qiuping from Sun Yat-sen University





Prof. Wu Qiuping from the Sun Yat-sen University visited the University of Saint Joseph.

On 4 to 5 September 2023, Professor Wu Qiuping, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Sun Yat-sen University, visited the Domingos Lam Centre for Education in Research (DLCRE) at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in Macao to have academic exchange and to discuss the possibility of collaborations between the two institutions.

Professor Wu Qiuping proposed the possibility of expanding the research projects currently conducted by DLCRE to the Greater Bay Area and provided valuable suggestions on data collection methods and analysis.

Professor Miranda Mak, Assistant Professor and Research Coordinator of the School of Education and Coordinator for the Domingos Lam Centre for Education in Research, expressed gratitude for Professor Wu’s visit, and stated that DLCRE is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with scholars in the Greater Bay Area to look for new resources and enhance the research impact of USJ.