Counselor Zhang Yiqun presented a public lecture at USJ





Counselor Zhang Yiqun presented a public lecture titled ‘Reflecting on China’s Foreign Educational Exchanges Through My Diplomatic Experience’ at USJ.

On 6 December 2023, the School of Education of USJ hosted a public lecture featuring a lecture by Counselor Zhang Yiqun, Education Counselor in Houston and Toronto, on the topic of ‘China’s Foreign Education Exchange and My Diplomatic Affairs.’  The event took place at the Bosco Auditorium and was hosted by Professor Isabel Tchiang. The public lecture was attended by Vice-Rector Teresa Loong and Stephen Chan, Director da Comissão Diocesana da Educação Católica.

Counselor Zhang Yiqun served as the education consul in Manchester, New York, and Washington DC with extensive diplomatic experience. During the public lecture, he discussed various topics including Kissinger’s ‘Grand Diplomacy’, Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong’s ‘Struggle without Destruction’, modern diplomatic conventions, Italy’s historical contribution to diplomacy, China’s foreign embassies and consulates, the selection and level of Chinese diplomats, the outlook for Sino-US relations, and the establishment and role of education sections in China’s embassies and consulates abroad.

During this public lecture, Counselor Zhang Yiqun shared China’s diplomatic situation and many years of diplomatic experience. This broadened the participants’ horizons and provided them with the opportunity to communicate and learn from the Counselor.