"Cook For Me!" - Series of Activities Make Impression on the USJ Members





“Cook For Me!” – Series of Activities Make Impression on the USJ Members on 20 & 21 November 2019

“Cook For Me!” series of activities, organised by the University’s Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) and PichaEats, co-organised by Candle Light Macau and Hey Hey (Canteen), was held at the University of Saint Joseph’s Ilha Verde Campus on 20 and 21 November 2019.

In response to the World Day of the Poor, “Serving the Needy” was held on 20 November. Around 110 participants including students, staff and volunteers from Candle Light Macau served the dinner and had dialogue with people in need in our Canteen. It was like a family reunion among the participants.

A seminar titled “Changing the World through Entrepreneurship” was held at USJ Ilha Verde Campus on 21 November’s evening. Ms. Hoi Tong Mui, Acting Department Head of Students of the Higher Education Bureau of Macau SAR government; Ms. Terry Kuok, President of the Candle Light Macau; Mr. Paul Pun, Secretary General of Caritas Macau; Ms. Jennifer Chau, Director of Fu Hong Society of Macao; Mr. Francisco Lio, Director of Diocese Social Communication Center; Prof Álvaro Barbosa, Vice Rector of University of Saint Joseph; and Prof Jenny Lao Phillips, Dean of the School of Business and Law participated the seminar by invitation.

The guest speaker Miss Suzanne Ling is the co-founder for PichaEats, a social enterprise in Malaysia that serves great food and rebuilds lives at the same time, which was announced as the national winner for Chivas Venture, and Top 5 finalists in the global round. Suzanne and her co-founders have also listened under Forbes 30 under 30 2018: Social Entrepreneurs, and The Edge Inspiring Young Leaders Award 2017.

Suzanne introduced how PichaEats partnered with refugee chefs and served food to events and conferences. The PichaEats has successfully changed the reasons for buying their food and service from helping the quality of refugee’s food and at the same time to rebuild their lives. She also introduced the definition of social enterprises, the business model of PichaEats as well as the strategies of running their business during the seminar. It has a positive impact on audiences.

On the same day, Miss Suzanne Ling also reached out to our BBA students of Social Entrepreneurship class to share with them her experience and advised on their projects.

Video source (from the Diocese Social Communication Center): https://youtu.be/VC2PzFYCawY





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