BA students' sustainable e-commerce projects judged at Sustaincia's business competition





FBL’s students taking the e-Commerce module, presented their sustainable startups projects on Friday at Lisboeta’s H853 Fun Factory, as part of the international student business competition supported by Sustaincia.org.

During this semester, Prof. Terence Lee, Visiting Academic from the University of Saint Joseph’s Faculty of Business and Law (USJ/FBL) teaching the e-Commerce module, challenged the Bachelor of Business Administration students to develop sustainable e-businesses as startups with the potential to make an impact on communities across the world.

Each e-startup was required to deliver a business model canvas together with a pitch deck and an explainer video, submitted to an international student business competition which will judge the projects based on impact on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals.

The whole project was supported by Sustaincia.org, a local association that encourages sustainable development using technology, which recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with USJ FBL. The Association invited experts with relevant industry experience to mentor the students with real valuable experience-sharing and practical advice. The experts include Vicka Li, Samson Lei, Kody Kong, Kylie Chim, Karson Wong, Guiherme Ma, Deepa Mora, Dennis Kuev, and Eduardo Santos.

The projects were presented on Friday, May 12th, at a sponsored venue at Lisboeta’s H853 Fun Factory and hosted by Sustaincia’s Bashi Saidu and Eduardo Santos. The presentations were judged based on innovation, feasibility / realistic potential, presentation, and Q&A performance. The best presentation was “Just Bin Less”, a shop with the goal of repurposing resort furniture created by Jessie Yee, Leanne Chong, and Sabrina Hui. Sustaincia presented a special prize to the team for their outstanding presentation.