Alumni Association of USJ Visits Yunfu City





A group of 17 USJ alumni visited Yunfu City in August on a tour focusing on local key enterprises and national heritage sites.

The Chairman of the Alumni Association of the University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ), Mr. Addy Chan, accompanied by Vice-Chairman Ms. Lydia Tong, and the Founding President, Ms. Evonne Chiu, led a group of 17 USJ alumni and their family members on a visit to Yunfu City in August. The visit included local key enterprises and national cultural heritage sites and was hosted by Yunfu City Youth Federation, the Communist Youth League of the Yunfu Municipal Committee, and the Xinxing County Committee.      

The first day’s programme included a site visit to the Oriental Yunluo Sulphur Mining Field, the world’s second largest pyrite mining site, as a safety education base and a sulphur exhibition hall. The output of this mining field not only supports the rapid development of the country’s industry, but also nurtures many related industries.

The group also visited Hin Sang Health and Medical (Guangdong) Company Limited and toured the Yunfu Derivative Health and Medicine Industrial Park, gaining in-depth knowledge of the development process and prospects of traditional Chinese medicine and health.

On the second day, the group visited the Guoen Temple, founded by the Sixth Patriarch Huineng, in Xinxing County. Participants gained an insight into the preservation of ancient architecture and the profound influence of Zen Buddhist culture on Chinese culture. They also learnt about the development of distinctive cultural and tourism routes in the region.

The tour included a special visit to Wens Foodstuff Group, one of Macau’s major food suppliers, where participants were able to understand how technology is improving food safety and gain a deeper insight into China’s pioneering “Platform + Partners” model, which is improving the quality of life for farmers.

Mr Addy Chan, Chairman of AAUSJ, expressed his hopes that this initiative would help USJ alumni to gain a deeper understanding of the development in the fields of quality cultural tourism, traditional Chinese medicine and health, and food processing. He also thanked the support of the Macau and Yunfu Youth Federations, which laid the foundation for cooperation in various academic fields between the USJ and the Alumni Association and relevant institutions in Yunfu City.