AAUSJ and USJSA visited the Liaison Office last week.

The Alumni Association of University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ) visited the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region last week, with the presence of key representatives of both the alumni association and student’s association including Mr. William Un, President of the General Assembly and Ms. Joyce Tang, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of AAUSJ, as well as Mr. Patrick Ma, President of the General Assembly and Mr. Jack Lo, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the University of Saint Joseph Students’ Association (USJSA). They were cordially received by Mr. Hong Bo, Director of Department of Youth Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR.

During this visit, Mr. William Un expressed their gratitude towards the Liaison Office for their continuous support to AAUSJ and USJSA in the past and presented the current development of both associations. Ms. Joyce reported to Mr. Hong the progress of the AAUSJ Chinese cultural trip to Nanjing while Mr. Lo informed Mr. Hong that USJSA is organizing some cultural exchange activities to Portugal and Fujian.  Mr. Hong extended his appreciation for these activities and recognized the contributions made by Alumni and Students of USJ. He stated that their contributions do not only raise cultural awareness, but also help develop new ideas for the improvement in the society.

Mr. Hong praised the dedication of USJ to promote multilingualism among students and to equip students with the languages skills to meet the demand in Macau with its unique multilingual environment. Moreover, USJ can also play a positive role in China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative and the establishment of “One Centre, One Platform” in Macau.  Mr. Hong Bo also praised the close relationship between the Alumni Association and the Students’ Association that facilitated youth development.

The other members who participated in this visit included Ms. May Chan, President of Supervisory Committee of AAUSJ, Mr. Addy Chan and Ms. Angela Sou, Vice-Chairpersons of Executive Committee of AAUSJ, Mr. Jeremy Tang, Vice President of Executive Committee of USJSA and Ms. Katherine Hong, General Secretary of Executive Committee of USJSA, Ms. Teresa Loong, Director and Mr. Andrew Wong, Officer of Office for Student Affairs.